Improve Plant Reliability and Increase Customer Satisfaction with Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) – using PathTrak PNM

Get actionable insight to efficiently find and fix impairments before customers are affected

July 16, 2015 — JDSU today introduced PNM for the industry-leading PathTrak return path monitoring/analysis system. PNM gathers valuable information from customer cable modems, analyzes it, and delivers simple, actionable data to enable quicker, proactive network maintenance that improves plant reliability and customer satisfaction.

PNM Benefits

  • Shorter time-to-fix with location and distance-to-fault information prior to initiating truck rolls
  • Prioritized service efforts by gauging plant-impairment impact and severity
  • Improved network reliability and customer satisfaction by detecting plant impairments prior to customer impact or catastrophic failure
  • One go-to tool for upstream analysis with the industry’s de facto standard platform: PathTrak

Use Case
PathTrak PNM identifies plant weaknesses that manifest as upstream impairments like impedance mismatches, micro-reflections, and group delay. It proactively detects and automatically localizes impairments masked by DOCSIS pre-equalization; accurately discerns in-home wiring vs. plant as the source of an issue; and, proactively maintains plant with a powerful tool based on proven CableLabs® technology.