CX700 ComXpert Radio Test System

An automated radio communications test solution for commercial, tactical, military, and infrastructure applications in production, depot-level, and field environments.

The CX700 ComXpert Radio Test System is the latest generation of innovative tactical radio test instruments from VIAVI. The CX700 builds upon our legacy of the TS‑4317 and 7200B models by providing a versatile, SCA‑compliant test system that combines superb functional specifications, a revolutionary graphical user interface, and advanced automation capability into a powerful modular platform.

The CX700 provides capabilities that go above and beyond conventional testing methods offered by other test solutions. Designed to test analog and digital hopping frequency radios, as well as the newest software defined radios, the CX700 provides a 2‑channel 125 MHz oscilloscope, 6 ½ digit digital multimeter (DMM), real‑time record and playback, and frequency hop burst power meter capabilities.

Combined with its 100 kHz to 6 GHz frequency range, 100 MHz instantaneous bandwidth, easy‑to‑read meters with pass/fail color coding, and advanced Auto‑Test framework, its MIL‑PRF‑2880F Class 3 packaging compliance makes the CX700 suitable for both laboratory and field applications.


  • Receiver frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz
  • 100 MHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • Standard AM/FM/PM/SSB modulation and demodulation modes
  • Power Meter, Spectrum Analyzer, Audio Generator, Distortion Meter, SINAD Meter, Audio Analyzer, Frequency Counter, and Frequency Reference
  • Fully programmable 168‑pin zero insertion force (ZIF) connector with 6 ½ digit DMM, scope, Ethernet, RX/TX, USB, RS‑232, RS‑422, GPIO, and 5V and 3.3V TTL in/out
  • Collapsible high resolution touch‑screen display and keyboard/trackpad
  • Multiple tab user interface, similar to an internet browser
  • Intelligent color‑coded meters for at‑a‑glance test verification
  • MIL‑PRF‑2880F Class 3 packaging with rack mount option available

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