Resolve Problems That Matter Most

There are many systems available today to turn dashboard indicators red, but only XPERTrak™ also gives you the insight and tools to help you turn them green.


BTR Awards VIAVI with 4 Diamonds

Spot at-risk subscribers before they churn and address the root cause issues quickly with integrated find and fix tools including plant leakage and field meter interaction. Virtualized system simplifies transition to new HFC technologies like DOCSIS 3.1 and Remote PHY and enables continuity of critical HFC maintenance capabilities. 

XPERTrak is the next step in industry-leading systems from VIAVI designed with an enhanced focus on at-risk subscribers. XPERTrak correlates data from deployed network elements and optional Trilithic leakage systems (signal leakage) and PathTrak hardware to assemble a QoE-based view of HFC plant performance. Designed with emerging technologies such as Remote PHY in mind, virtualization support is at the core of XPERTrak. Regardless of the underlying plant architecture or service provision equipment vendor in use, XPERTrak is the neutral solution to allow consistent service level measurement and superior find and fix capabilities across your entire footprint today and into the future.


  • Fix what matters most by focusing on at-risk subscribers
  • Know where to go and what to do to fix identified issues before customers churn 
  • Reduce MTTR and OPEX by optimizing every truck roll 
  • Reduce customer calls 
  • Defer nodes splits by maximizing bandwidth from existing plant 
  • Provides seamless transition to Remote PHY with vendor/architecture-neutral approach 


  • Enterprise-wide trending of QoE-based KPIs
  • Prioritize maintenance based on QoE impact
  • Real-time alerts of service-impacting issues
  • Monitor performance of new network technology rollouts (Remote PHY, DOCSIS 3.1)
  • Upstream sweep and ingress remediation for legacy and R-PHY nodes
  • Integrated find and fix processes including VIAVI instruments

Key Features

  • Comprehensive DOCSIS 3.1 support 
  • Maintenance prioritization based on churn risk 
  • Service assurance and field find and fix capabilities in a single solution 
  • Fully supports PathTrak hardware and network element integration including R-PHY sweep 
  • Integrated PNM solution to illuminate HFC upstream, downstream, and home issues 
  • Consistent system-wide network performance assessment, vendor neutral 
  • Seamless integration of PathTrak HW, PNM, QoE, Leakage, and field meter interaction 

Part of The VIAVI Remote PHY Solution

This product is part of the comprehensive VIAVI Remote PHY turn-up and maintenance solution enabling seamless transitions from legacy to distributed access architectures.

How to Get Started

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