OneExpert CATV 620/630 Software

Supported Instrument(s):

  • OneExpert CATV 620/630

Release Date:

  • 02/21/2024

Current Version:

  • 4.14.18

Versions Description:

  • ONX CATV Software Update

Download Instructions:

  • On a computer, login to StrataSync (must have permission to update units)
  • Click on “Assets” -> click on “Update Firmware” -> select “Online Updates” and “OneExpert CATV” -> click “Next” ->
  • In the Update Firmware window, under "Action" -> click on the "Download firmware" icon -> the file will begin to download
    • File Size: 405 MB 
  • For alternate update methods, please see the supporting documentation section.

Installation Instructions:

Once the firmware is downloaded in your computer, copy it into a USB memory stick. Plug the USB stick into either USB port 1 or 2 in the ONX. Turn on the meter, and go to System -> System settings -> USB Software Update -> Select Update File “ONXCBL.XXX.YYY.ZZZ” -> select “Update” -> unit will transition to the update screen, then power off automatically once the update is complete. 

Licensing Requirements:

  • None


  • Must have access to StrataSync and permission to update assets

Supporting Documentation: