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How do I identify what type of controller is installed in an ONT-603/606/612 mainframe?

Tuesday, December 31, 2019
Submitted by ryan.grace on October 23, 2021 - 10:45pm
How do I identify which type of controller is installed in an ONT-603/606/612 mainframe?
The ONT-603/606/612 mainframes will be equipped with either a Basic controller or a High End Controller (HEC). The Basic controller can be identified in any of the following ways: a) No USB ports present on controller faceplate b) Configuration info file indicates “ONT-6xx B” c) Scout identifies mainframe as “ONT-6xx B” The High End Controller (HEC) with built-in PC can be identified by any of the following methods: a) USB ports present on controller faceplate b) Attached touchscreen display c) Mainframe home web page indicates “ONT-6xx H” or “ONT-6xx D” d) Configuration info file indicates “ONT-6xx H” or ONT-6xx H/D” e) Scout identifies mainframe as “ONT-6xx H” or ONT-6xx H/D”NOTE: There are two versions of the HEC. They are differentiated by the name that appears on their front panel. The V1 is labeled "Controller PC", while the V2 (introduced in February 2015) is labeled "Controller PC V2".

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