FiberComplete PRO

Applications for Bi-Directional Fiber Testing

Bidirectional IL/ORL and OTDR fiber acceptance testing done with just one fiber connection and a single button press. A complete suite of fully automated fiber testing capabilities designed to streamline the construction and qualification of any type of fiber optic network.

FiberComplete PRO™ is a suite of fiber test and certification capabilities which enable field technicians to rapidly, reliably and cost effectively certify and troubleshoot any fiber link. 

Providing everything a new or experienced fiber tech needs in one simple and fast solution with increased automation and test sequencing delivering up to an 80% time saving for fiber acceptance testing. 

Streamlined workflow coupled with a single test port connection and single key press maximizes process efficiency and revenue.
Managing all the required acceptance testing measurements, especially bi-directional tests, automatically sequencing tests for a single fibers or high fiber count cables.

Reduces manual work and steps to a minimum and drive compliance to methods of procedure to deliver operational excellence.

Works with the FiberComplete PRO Integrated Loss, ORL and OTDR Modules (4100 Series).


  • Guided step by step test processes
  • Automated bi-directional process, single test port, one button press (patented)
  • Data link via Fiber Under Test (FUT) for auto test config/setup and results exchange (patent pending)
  • Instant bi-directional OTDR event loss analysis “TrueBIDIR” (patented)
  • Complete bi-directional certification - IL & ORL & OTDR – 1min 10sec
  • Advanced test sequencing with fiber cable management high fiber count cables
  • Auto file storage and on-board (.pdf) report generation 


  • Finish jobs sooner/Reduced test time, fastest full bi-directional fiber cert solution
  • Limit call backs and repeats, perform corrections/fixes as you test
  • Eliminate off-site or post processing work and review time (no post processing required)
  • Remove process complexity/manual processes and risk of (setup/test) errors 
  • Workflow efficiency and consistency for technicians and contractors
  • Eliminate use of fan-out cables with native multi-fiber optical connector support 
  • Direct submission/upload of reports to the cloud (StrataSync TPA suite)

Improve Operational Efficiency

Improve operational efficiency 

  • Reduce test and certification time to deliver network build/expansions on time 
  • Automate multi-fiber test & remove manual processes
  • Single test port, single button push and integrated datalink 
Ensure Network Reliability

Ensure network reliability 

  • Certify fiber links are built to specs required  
  • Accurate bi-directional measurements
Perform immediate corrective action

Perform immediate corrective actions and reduce call backs

  • On-board real-time bi-directional analysis 
  • “True” event loss result with each test sequence
Ramp Up New Fiber Tech Faster

Ramp up new fiber tech faster

  • Remove process complexity and limit human errors
  • Simplification of the process from setup to test optimization, to on-board reporting
Test Process Automation

Test Process Automation
Allows your team to deliver expert-level test results and close projects on the first try, every time. TPA is a closed loop test system that optimizes workflows, eliminates manual, error prone work and automates immediate data reporting for job close out, team progress updates and network health analytics. Execute jobs efficiently to ensure high quality network builds, rapid turn-up/activation and enhanced operational visibility

  • Loss Test – Automated bi-directional IL, ORL with fault finding

    The industry’s fastest Loss Test application provides the essential set of fiber link certification (Tier-1) and fault-finding measurements. Combining 5 test instruments in a single test port (light source, power meter, optic loss test set, ORL meter and fault finder) in a single instrument to deliver
    • Fully automated bi-directional test process 
      • Insertion loss
      • ORL
      • Length
    • Continuity check
    • 4.5 seconds for two wavelengths
    • Fault finder 
  • TrueBIDIR abd Loopback – On-board Real Time bi-directional OTDR Analysis

    The TrueBIDIR application is the industry’s first solutions to provide on-board and real time bi-directional OTDR results analysis. Bi-directional OTDR analysis marries up loss information about every event on a fiber link and averages the measurements to provide a more accurate or ‘True’ loss measurement.

    • End to end bi-directional and Loopback test processes
    • On-board real time bi-directional OTDR analysis
    • Averaged ‘True’ OTDR event losses
    • Approximately 1 minute for test and on-board result processing for two wavelengths
  • FiberComplete – Bi-directional IL, ORL and uni/bi-directional OTDR

    FiberComplete™ is the first application to fully automate all the fundamental fiber-qualification tests (Tier 1 and 2). Combining 6 test instruments in a single test port (light source, power meter, optic loss test set, ORL meter, fault finder and OTDR) in a single instrument to deliver

    • Fully automated bi-directional test process
      • Insertion loss
      • ORL
      • Length
      • OTDR with TrueBIDIR analysis
    • Continuity check
    • Intelligent OTDR test configuration
    • Approximately 1 minute for test and on-board result processing for two wavelengths, less for uni-directional OTDR test
    • Uniform test result and report naming structure
  • High Fiber Count – Automated bi-directional test sequencing with fiber cable management

    High Fiber count allows you to scale all of the bi-directional test capabilities and automate the test sequencing of high-density fiber cables. Multiple fibers can be certified with a one button press and a single test sequence, reducing certification and reporting times by over 80%.

    • Fully automated bi-directional test process
      • Insertion loss
      • ORL
      • Length
      • OTDR with TrueBIDIR analysis
    • Continuity check with MPO cable polarity (type A, B or C) and ribbon mapping
    • Approximately 13 minutes for test and on-board result processing for two wavelengths (12 fibers)
    • Fiber Cable Management

    All FiberComplete PRO applications utilize a single test port connection followed by a single button press to execute a process which configures and performs tests, stores results with predefined naming structures and generates consolidated reports for all wavelengths tested. Results are shown in a single ‘Cable’ view that gives a real time overview of project progress and the pass/fail status of each fiber (or cable bundle) tested.

  • Repair and Calibration

    Our products live in rugged environments for over 10 years with 1000s of test connect/disconnect cycles.  We will be there to support you to ensure components that require maintenance like connectors, batteries, and software updates to ensure you are ready to test accurately for years to come. We apply factory procedures that use fast, automated calibration and functional verification, maintenance using OEM parts and the application of all engineering change orders and software updates. Services are available through contract Care plans, FleetCare or per incident as requests. 

    Top 4 Reasons to Choose VIAVI for Your Repair and Calibration Needs:

    • Minimize business disruption
    • Budget
    • Measurement Accuracy and Product Reliability
    • Measurement Compliance, TL9000 certification and OEM Standards

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