Automate fiber network construction test, service activation and assurance monitoring with the best balance between performance and rack mount size

Adaptive Fiber Test Head FTH-7000 for Remote Fiber Test with OTDR module and Internal Switch Options

The Adaptive FTH-7000 combines high resolution optical time-domain reflectometry (OTDR) and optical-switch technology to provide remote test certification of fiber under test during construction or service activation, and continuous assurance through OTDR monitoring of multiple fibers anywhere in the network. A single FTH-7000 can test up to 2304 fibers.  There are many internal and external switch options and the distance tested depends on the OTDR module selected.

The FTH can assure a single critical link or an entire fiber network.

Simplify PON lifecycle management: As part of an ONMSi system, the FTH-7000 accelerates FTTH construction certification, service deployment, and troubleshooting and assurance. It can sectionalize the network to determine the cause of a fault or identify optical budget problems. Trend network health changes over time to monetize valuable links and assure service.

Enhance network security: Detect and locate fiber tapping with extreme precision down to tenths of a decibel of loss.

Learn more about OTDR Testing and Fiber Testing.

VIAVI is the worldwide leader in OTDR manufacturing and Optical Network Monitoring, receiving the coveted Frost & Sullivan Fiber Optics Test Equipment Market Leader Award for fiber-optic test equipment six years in a row.


  • Reduce construction costs by accelerating test processes and empowering test staff 
  • Reduce MTTR by locating fiber optic faults in minutes instead of hours 
  • Reduce operational costs by eliminating erroneous dispatches to the wrong location through accurate, remote location 
  • Avoid service disruptions by detecting fiber degradation before it affects service 
  • Protect your investment by measuring the long-term performance KPIs of your deployed fibers (IL, slope, strain, etc.) 
  • Protect network integrity by quickly detecting and locating fiber intrusion 


  • Fiber monitoring for service providers, utilities, and dark-fiber providers 
  • FTTx construction, provisioning, and maintenance tests 
  • Fiber-tapping detection for security assurance 

Key Features

  • Ultra-high resolution OTDR for precision fault location 
  • High density, extensible switch (48MPO+4 ports) with Pay As You Grow model 
  • Scalable up to 816 ports in 2 RU or up to 2304 ports using additional external switches 
  • IP communication channels, plus an additional local LAN access 
  • Secured Web-browser access 
  • 2/3 1RU high with dual power feeds (front and rear panel) with power failure indicator and alarm, low power consumption 
  • Implement as a plug and play standalone monitoring tool or in a network wide centralized management system using ONMSi 
  • High accuracy trace for the whole fiber including the near end 
  • Fiber monitoring for service providers, utilities, and dark-fiber providers 

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