OTDR Modules (8100 Series)

8100 Series Modules for T-BERD/MTS-6000A, -8000, FTH-9000 Platforms

OTDR test solution for use in the installation, turn-up, and maintenance of Enterprise, FTTx, Access, Metro, very long-haul and ultra long haul networks.

VIAVI 8100-Series OTDR EVO family includes the “8100A”, “8100B”, the “8100C”, and the "8100D" modules for any singlemode or multimode OTDR application and test scenario from very short to ultra-long distances. Learn more about OTDR Testing and Fiber Testing.

The optical performances of the 8100-Series OTDR modules combined with the complete suite of T-BERD/MTS platforms testing features ensure that any testing job is done right the first time.


  • Industry leading dead zone performance which allows full characterization of element events on a fiber link 2 meters apart (EVO family)
  • Combines OTDR, power meter and continuous light source for added testing flexibility (singlemode wavelengths)
  • Avoids the risk of live signal interference or damage to the optical transmitter when performing an OTDR test with instantaneous automatic traffic detection
  • Eliminates OTDR interpretation errors with Smart Link Mapper (SLM) without compromising on test time


  • Access, Metro, Long Haul and Ultra Long Haul fiber network characterization
  • Tier 2 certification of enterprise and data center networks
  • Advanced qualification and troubleshooting of FTTH/PON networks.
  • Core fiber network upgrade to 40 and 100Gb/s
  • Fiber Monitoring in and out-of-service
  • Fiber installation/deployment certification and troubleshooting for Submarine Cable Networks

Key Features

  • Up to 50 dB dynamic range and 256,000 acquisition points
  • ≤ 65 cm Event Dead Zone and 2.5m Attenuation Dead Zone
  • Integrated CW light source and broadband power meter on OTDR port (singlemode wavelengths)
  • Built-in encircle flux multimode source compliant with IEC 61280-1-4 and TIA-526-14-B
  • PON optimized to test up to 1x128 splitter type
  • Combined singlemode/multimode version
  • Single-/Dual-/Tri-wavelength versions with 1310, 1490,1550,1625, and 1650nm
  • Single connector port for 1310, 1550 and in-service1650nm wavelength
  • Available in FiberComplete version for automated bi-directional OTDR, IL and ORL measurements

  • Repair and Calibration

    Our products live in rugged environments for over 10 years with 1000s of test connect/disconnect cycles.  We will be there to support you to ensure components that require maintenance like connectors, batteries, and software updates to ensure you are ready to test accurately for years to come. We apply factory procedures that use fast, automated calibration and functional verification, maintenance using OEM parts and the application of all engineering change orders and software updates. Services are available through contract Care plans, FleetCare or per incident as requests. 

    Top 4 Reasons to Choose VIAVI for Your Repair and Calibration Needs:

    • Minimize business disruption
    • Budget
    • Measurement Accuracy and Product Reliability
    • Measurement Compliance, TL9000 certification and OEM Standards

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