Next-generation fiber optic end-face cleaning system


CleanBlastPRO is the latest automated fiber end-face cleaning system from VIAVI Solutions. Based on the original concept from its predecessor, the CleanBlastPRO has been redesigned from the ground up to deliver all the benefits of the original CleanBlast while adding improvements where they matter most. The result is a system that connectivity manufacturers can easily deploy throughout their production facilities to ensure clean fiber connectors.

2021 Lightwave Innovation Award 4.0


  • Ensure clean fiber end-faces for every connector type
  • Streamline cleaning workflows in production environments with fast cleaning cycles
  • Automate connector cleaning at the push of a button
  • Remove, rather than spread or embed, loose debris from end faces


  • Optical component production environments
  • Cable assembly contract manufacturing

Key Features

  • Uses a precise non-contact air-solvent-air sequence to blast and remove contamination particles
  • Comprehensive selection of precision cleaning tips for most fiber connector types
  • High performance air filter system
  • Hassle-free solvent management
  • Additional connections for foot activation pedal & backplane handset extension.

How to Get Started

Interested in a product demonstration? Contact us for more info, receive a price quote, or find out how to buy.