Multi-Fiber MPO based Switch Module (4100 Series)

4100 Series Module for T-BERD/MTS-4000 Platform

All-in-one integrated solution automating Fiber Certification (IL, ORL, OTDR test) for high fiber count or MPO cables

MPO based Switch Module

The multi fiber MPO based switch module coupled with an OTDR is the best way to quickly and accurately test individual fibers within MPO cables.


  • Save time for all your high fiber count cable characterization, certification and troubleshooting
  • Measure with confidence with reduced manual process and complexity
  • Supports multi-fibers via fan-out/break-out cable or direct MPO connectivity


  • Data Center (structured cabling, campus, interconnect)
  • FTTH (fiber indexing) /Access Networks
  • Mobile Fronthaul (FTTA/C-RAN)


  • All in one / integrated solution-Replaces multi-fiber fanout patchcords where native MPO links installed
  • Efficient workflow with automated switching over 12 ports through Cable-SLM software
  • Compatible with all 4100 series OTDR A, B, and FiberComplete B modules

How to Get Started

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