SmartClass Fiber OLP-85, OLP-87, OLP-88, OLS-85, OLT-85, OLTS-85, ORL-85, MPOLx-85 Software

Supported Instrument(s):

  • SmartClassFiber: OLP-85, OLP-87, OLP-88, OLS-85, OLT-85, OLTS-85, ORL-85, MPOLx-85

Release Date:

  • November 28, 2018

Current Version:

  • V02.08.00

Versions Description:

  • Download latest update of your SmartClass Fiber Test Tool (except OLP-82)

Download Instructions:

  • Visit
  • Download latest update of your SmartClassFiber Update file to your PC.
    • File Size: 84M
  • Once the download completes, extract the file to the root level of your USB drive.

Installation Instructions:

To upgrade your OpticalSmartClass Oxx-85/87/88/MPOLx-85:

  • The instrument is fully charged or the PS4 Universal AC/DC Power Supply is connected.
  • The instrument is switched off.
    • Press and hold down the 'MENU' key.
    • Press the 'ON' key to switch the instrument on.
  • The software update screen appears.
    • Release the 'MENU' key.
    • Plug the USB flash drive into one of the instrument’s USB ports.
    • To start the software update procedure, press the center key within the arrow keys.
  • If the update procedure is finished the instrument starts up automatically and finalizes the update.
    • Remove the USB Flash drive.


  • When updating a device from software prior to V01.12 the USB flash drives are limited to max. capacity of 2GB.

With later versions: 

  • The USB stick must be formatted in FAT32, no 2GByte limit.
  • Caution! Ethernet (LAN) port number has changed from 5800 to 8000 since software version V02.00.00.
  • Caution! Do not power off the device while updating

Licensing Requirements:

  • None


  • None

Supporting Documentation: