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The VIAVI Engineering SCA Service Team is dedicated to provide you the support needed for the design and implementation of your SCA-based projects. 

The VIAVI Engineering SCA Service Team is dedicated to provide you the support needed for the design and implementation of your SCA-based projects. 

Building on our SCARI Software Suite, the most complete commercial integrated development environment for Software Communications Architecture (SCA) based products, we can accompany you in every step of your development process, from the initial training into the SCA development concepts and techniques to the final system integration.  The following is a list of services we currently offer to help you succeed.

  • SCA Training

    New in the SCA domain? want to refresh your knowledge? or wish to learn more about the SCA?  VIAVI has developed a SCA training program that can help you.

    VIAVI’s most common SCA Training course offering includes three days of training and one day for consultation. The SCA training session is designed as a series of lectures on the various SCA concepts intertwined with hands-on sessions. Through this Training, students have the opportunities to create a complete SCA application and run it in a self-host SCA system.  An optional fourth day can be dedicated to address client specific requests.

    VIAVI SCA training courses are offered on-site to individual companies, or as Open to All sessions for Engineers from different organizations.

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  • SCA-SDR Consulting

    Need help accelerating your SCA-based development cycle?  VIAVI provides a robust range of consulting services through our world-recognized expertise in the SCA-SDR domain.

    Whether through remote collaboration or by deploying a Field Application Engineer to your site, VIAVI can help your organization translate business requirements into SCA compliant implementations.

    Our Engineering Services go as far as transforming your non-sca radio into an SCA compliant one. We offer you a fast turn-around in making your radio SCA compliant, including all the JTRS required interfaces.

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  • Engineering Services

    There is no small or big project that our staff is not ready to handle. Our Engineering Services span from providing individual SCA artifacts to complement your SCA program, to the delivery of full transformations of traditional radios into SCA compliant ones.

    VIAVI offers you a fast turn-around in making your radio SCA compliant, including all the JTRS required interfaces. Reduce your time to market by tapping into VIAVI deep expertise in providing SCA solutions.

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  • SDR Labs

    One of the driving concepts of the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) standards is waveform portability between hardware platforms. A waveform application built for one platform environment, should be easily hosted by a number of other hardware platforms, provided by different manufacturers, having varying form factors and composed of different hardware components. VIAVI SCA-based Software Defined Radio (SDR) laboratory has been designed to allow developers to meet that fundamental objective of the SCA.

    Provided as a turnkey system, the VIAVI SDR Lab is a fully integrated SCA environment and is ready to be used for the development and test of user-defined waveform applications. It has been designed to allow developers to fully exercise the various concepts put forward by the SCA, such as component-based development, hardware abstraction, and software reuse through code portability between platform environments.  It offers a heterogeneous distributed embedded system environment consisting of a number of hardware platforms supporting multiple processors, operating systems, and hardware elements, provided by multiple vendors. Demonstration waveform applications, ported to different platforms, are provided as examples of development.

    The VIAVI SCA-based SDR Lab is most useful to clients who need, amongst other things, to:

    • Demonstrate a number of SCA waveforms running on platforms of different form factors made of various processors and operating environments;
    • Develop expertise with SCA-based Software Defined Radios (SDR) and Cognitive Radio (CR) concepts and capabilities;
    • Develop new telecommunications algorithms / waveforms for a multiplicity of hardware environments;
    • Advise government authorities on SCA-based acquisition programs, including the provision of waveform application repository, and spectrum management implications of SDR technology;
    • Transfer techniques and technologies developed with the laboratory to industry and end users;

    VIAVI can also adapt its lab to support user-specific requirements and provide the necessary training and guidance to ensure successful usage.

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  • Radio Prototypes

    Looking into a new platform for your SDR system? Let VIAVI create the SCA Devices and Services that will support your hardware platform for you! With more supported SCA Operating Environments than any other commercially available offering, VIAVI might even have most of the package elements already ported to your target OS and processor. VIAVI can jump start your development.

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  • SCA Demonstrators

    Do you need to demonstrate SDR capabilities in order to get funding for your SDR project? Let VIAVI help you. SCA Demonstrators can include a Linux based laptop running the VIAVI SCARI Core Framework and the SCA AM and FM Waveform Applications, while physical Rx/Tx is done via a variety of RF heads including the USRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) models.

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  • SCA Waveforms

    VIAVI offers readily available SCA AM and FM waveforms, but if you are looking for a different waveform, one of our partners might have it already… Let VIAVI get it for you. ​Or if it requires a new internal waveform development, VIAVI has valuable guidelines that will reduce your development time and will ensure more portable code in your project.

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