Transform Diverse Test Data Into Actionable Insight

XPERTrak extension providing data aggregation, advanced analytics, and highly customizable dashboarding and reporting

NITRO Cable is an extension for XPERTrak systems providing data collection/aggregation, advanced analytics, and customizable reporting and dashboarding capabilities. With NITRO users can collapse the silos containing VIAVI test data, service provider KPI’s / customer data, and other relevant 3rd party data to finally unlock the data synergies.  Simply aggregating data is not the whole story, the real value comes from the analytics made possible by vast VIAVI domain expertise.  Only through a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by cable and PON service providers can VIAVI develop the analytics required to spot the insights hidden in the mountain of raw data.  Highly customizable dashboards and reports ensure that users see their results exactly how they want to identify and track true needle-moving initiatives.


  • Grow revenue and offer new services faster with confidence
  • Increase customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores
  • Maximize return on OPEX and Marketing investments
  • Optimize business processes using insights gleaned from your diverse data sets
  • Dashboards and reports customized to your needs by HFC/PON domain experts


  • Prepare for and track technology upgrades
  • Define initiatives to maintain and grow subscriber base/ARPU
  • Spot macro and localized trends driving KPI performance
  • Identify systemic root causes and track countermeasures impacting goal attainment
  • Combine network, customer, and CCAP/CPE data to pinpoint new service introduction opportunities

Key Features

  • Advanced analytics built upon decades of HFC/PON domain experience
  • Flexible and scalable enterprise-wide data aggregation
  • Meaningful dashboards and reports tailored to your changing needs, easily customizable via VIAVI services
  • Designed and developed specifically for cable and fiber service providers

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