Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The Catalyst for ​Tomorrow’s Zero-Touch Networks​

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a significant driver in the future of the networking industry. As data-intensive applications such as AI/ML, high performance computing (HPC) and big data analytics enter the mainstream, the hyperscale and data center ecosystem must meet the insatiable demand for memory, bandwidth, computing power, storage and speed.

AI's powerful algorithm, intelligence and predictive power serve as the catalyst for tomorrow's highly automated, zero-touch networks.

From AI Optimizing AI to Digital Twins, VIAVI cutting-edge Telco AI solutions ensure a seamless and secure digital experience for all.

5G Solutions

5G Solutions

Test and Assurance solutions for every stage of the 5G lifecycle.


Cloud native inventory, assurance, analytics and automation solutions



Testing Challenges, Resources, and Solutions

The rollout of AI is placing unprecedented strain on data center infrastructure worldwide, with the introduction of new services, IoT verticals, new ultra-low-latency applications and the intelligent edge that powers them.

Overcoming these challenges requires seamless, holistic network management. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) provides an end-to-end view of the network and simplifies test, assurance and optimization processes. 

Path to Zero-Touch Networks

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
AI ensures that as the network grows, it can adapt and expand to new consumer needs and business requirements. The use of network digital twins provide the next iteration of network intelligence of testing.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning
Machine learning (ML) is already increasingly used to automate network tasks, predict potential outcomes and optimize services. 

Zero-Touch Networks

Zero-Touch Networks
Zero-Touch Networks (ZTNs) are autonomous, virtualized networks that can analyze, optimize and heal themselves based on data. They enable CSPs to increase resilience and boost agility – a critical requirement as networks become increasingly complex

The Network Digital Twin

VIAVI’s AI-powered Digital Twin technology enables new predictive capabilities that help fortify networks. By creating a virtual model of a network in the lab, service providers can more quickly and effectively manage network behaviors and disruptions.


These digital twins play a pivotal role in advancing network design, reliability and performance. They are an invaluable tool for identifying network issues before they arise, and they enable the timely troubleshooting of operational challenges once the network is deployed and operational.

The Network Digital Twin

Building the Foundation of AI Infrastructure

Traditional networking infrastructure struggles to keep pace with the performance, speed and capacity requirements of AI/ML applications. To address this challenge, there has been a push towards higher-speed 800G optical transceivers and the emergence of 1.6Tb/s, alongside other enabling technologies throughout the network. In addition, data center operators need to dramatically increase the amount of fiber interconnects and new multi-fiber connectivity. VIAVI testing solutions inspect, qualify and ensure the infrastructure required to run AI applications.

Test Solutions for AI Infrastructure Development and Manufacturing

VIAVI enables R&D qualification and volume production of optical network component and connectivity up to 1.6T. With unprecedented demand for AI & ML applications, VIAVI equips its customers with industry-leading photonic and data test platforms including ONE LabPro and MAP-300. This extensive portfolio supports high-capacity testing of infrastructure elements such as Multi-Fiber MPO and VSFF connectivity that are driving 1.6T speeds. VIAVI also offers PCI Express, CXL and NVMe protocol analysis platforms that enable development of network equipment to PCIe 6.0/64GT/s for high-performance computing (HPC) applications.

Test Solutions for AI Infrastructure Deployment

VIAVI's INX 760 and MPOLxtools ensure fast, accurate certification of data center cabling for AI support including VSFF connectors that offer ultra-high-density connectivity with billions of strands. FiberComplete PRO and Test Process Automation (TPA™) guarantee fiber installations for high-speed data center interconnects.

Performance Observability for AI Network Infrastructure

From a central office, VIAVI NITRO Fusion offers real-time network performance visibility and enables automation for capacity / resources planning. ONMSi provides rapid alerts of fiber degradations, diagnostic of fiber network failures, and identifies patterns to anticipate anomalies. NITRO Fiber Sensing protects data center interconnects (DCI) and infrastructure by detecting physical threats, whether they stem from accidental damage or deliberate attacks.

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