JDSU Introduces New Laser Technology for Efficient Materials Processing

New Product Introductions Announced at SPIE Photonics West 2015

Milpitas, Calif., February 4, 2015 – JDSU (NASDAQ: JDSU) today announced new laser technology will be on display at SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco from February 10 -12, 2015. JDSU will feature new laser products that enable a wide range of advanced micro materials and macro materials processing applications.

Conference attendees are invited to visit JDSU at south hall booth #1431 to see innovative new products that include:

  • New Q-Series Laser
    JDSU’s new Q306 laser doubles the power over its Q305 predecessor with 40W of power in the exact same form factor. The JDSU Q306 laser will continue to lead the market for high-power Q-switched diode-pumped UV lasers. The new Q306 provides the same process advantages that the previous Q-Series models delivered in terms of pulse waveforms, while providing higher average power to enable higher overall throughput with the benefit to provide up to 1mJ of energy at 355nm with an exceptional beam quality (M2 less than 1.2). The Q306 covers 40 to 120 kHz pulse-repetition rates, with wider ranges available, provides flexibility to optimize laser characteristics dynamically during processing.
  • Three New Turnkey Fiber Laser Systems
    JDSU will showcase the CORELIGHTTM AJ 2 kilowatt, 4 kilowatt, and 6 kilowatt turnkey fiber laser systems for high-speed sheet metal cutting, precision welding and a broad range of additional macro materials processing applications. Each CORELIGHT AJ system incorporates JDSU’s advanced and efficient CORELIGHT YLE Series fiber laser engine and includes an industry standard electrical and optical interface.
  • Two New Turnkey Direct-Diode Laser Systems
    JDSU will also showcase the CORELIGHT ExC 2 kilowatt and 4 kilowatt turnkey direct-diode laser systems for improved high-speed sheet metal cutting applications, formerly served by CO2 laser systems. CORELIGHT EXC Series products are also designed to enable cost effective welding and surface treatment of metals during manufacturing processes. Each CORELIGHT ExC system incorporates JDSU’s advanced and highly efficient CORELIGHT DLE Series direct-diode laser engine and includes an industry standard electrical and optical interface.
  • New 6 Kilowatt Fiber Laser Engine
    JDSU will feature the CORELIGHT YLE 6300, a high-brightness 6.3 kilowatt ytterbium fiber laser engine built upon JDSU’s proven 2.1 kilowatt fiber laser modules. CORELIGHT YLE 6300 is targeted for integration into turn-key fiber laser systems and direct installation into advanced industrial cutting and welding machines. Outstanding beam characteristics allow for both high-quality and high-speed cutting performance of steel, copper, brass, aluminum and many other materials. The engine also helps manufacturers to more easily manage challenging remote welding and highly-controlled hybrid welding applications. The CORELIGHT YLE 6300 was carefully designed to meet high-reliability targets while used within challenging macro-machining environments. A robust suite of monitoring and control ports are included to meet the most demanding integration requirements.
  • New 2 Kilowatt Direct-Diode Laser Engine
    The CORELIGHT DLE 2100 will also be on display. It is an advanced and ultra-compact direct-diode laser that provides up to 2.1 kilowatts of output power. Designed to directly replace CO2 lasers within metal processing machine tools, CORELIGHT DLE 2100 allows for higher cutting speeds, improved cutting quality, increased energy efficiency and lower maintenance requirements. These benefits in turn result in lower overall costs for metal processing manufacturers. A robust suite of monitoring and control ports are included for straightforward integration. CORELIGHT DLE 2100 is built upon JDSU’s patented high-brightness diode laser pump modules.

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