VIAVI MicroNIR Tablet Probe Unlocks Accelerated Analysis of Pharmaceutical Tablets & Pills, Food Manufacturing and Seed Quality

Novel optical technology ensures repeatable sample analysis results

Milpitas, Calif., August 8, 2017 – VIAVI Solutions (NASDAQ: VIAV) today announced the availability of the MicroNIR™ Tablet Probe, a handheld probe attachment for the analysis of pharmaceutical tablets & pills, small volume samples, or single grain kernels. The probe is compatible with the MicroNIR Onsite spectrometer system. It is the latest addition to several accessories developed by the VIAVI OSP (Optical Security and Performance Products) business.

MicroNIR Onsite

A shift toward miniaturized spectral sensors in near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy has led to increased demand for handheld, laboratory and portable options for rapid analysis. The shift is largely attributed to stringent quality requirements for drugs and excipients, growing concern for food and feed safety, pharmaceutical brand protection, drug authenticity, drug development and quality control. Demand for portable spectral sensing options has become increasingly diversified. Significant technological advancements have enabled the development of practical low-cost and rugged spectrometers over the past several years, including NIR-based instruments.

VIAVI’s MicroNIR Tablet Probe provides users with an easy sample measurement interface without strict and specialized control of the sample and spectrometer. In addition, the probe seeks to eliminate the occurrence of random scatter effects, which often results in analysis error. Use of the Tablet Probe with the MicroNIR OnSite allows field users to achieve repeatable, reliable and accurate results in difficult uncontrolled field environments.

“Demand for more NIR spectral sensing choices for field and process uses is growing across a variety of manufacturing industries,” says Chris Pederson, Product Line Manager, MicroNIR. “VIAVI OSP has observed this market demand and responded by offering the MicroNIR Tablet Probe. Designed as an easy to use accessory for the MicroNIR Onsite spectrometer, the tablet probe provides users with easy point & shoot material analysis capabilities, furthering rapid, repeatable and reliable data acquisition.”

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