OneExpert DSL™ adds TrueSpeed™ VNF to Help Reliably Resolve Complaints about Poor Network Performance

New functionality also ensures consistent deployment of ultra-fast 1 Gbps broadband service to the home

June 9, 2015 — JDSU, the industry’s leading DSL test solutions provider, today announced the addition of TrueSpeed VNF to its OneExpert DSL product line. With TrueSpeed VNF, network operators and service providers benefit from repeatable, standards-based testing to resolve complaints about poor network performance. Based on IETF RFC-6349 TCP throughput testing methodology, TrueSpeed VNF performance tests serve as a neutral, third-party evaluation of network quality.

Using OneExpert DSL with TrueSpeed ensures independent throughput testing in an operator-controlled environment via a dedicated test tool—instead of a less-reliable app or speed-test tool. TrueSpeed VNF not only delivers throughput speeds, it also helps to segment and identify issues impacting user data throughput.


  • Ensures that any technician can locate copper faults using TDR—from day one—with easy-to-use and patented SmartGain™ TDR
  • Proves true customer experience with the standardized TrueSpeed test (based on RFC-6349)
  • Reduces repeats up to 20% and closes jobs right—the first time—using OneCheck Copper
  • Provides visibility into test results and completed tasks and keeps track of used instrument inventory with StrataSync
  • Offers a modular design and "scales on the fly" for newly implemented technologies like WiFi, fiber, and VDSL
  • Enables more flexibility and efficiency using everyday, common mobile devices via the OneExpert DSL app