VIAVI Delivers the Industry’s First Real-Time RAN Post-Processing Solution with Rubix™

New RANAdvisor™ family member offers lower costs, greater simplicity, and time savings

August 25, 2015 — VIAVI announced today the launch of the industry’s first real-time RAN optimization and benchmarking solution. Rubix will revolutionize RF post-processing by letting operators spend more time improving end-user QoE as opposed to managing drive test data and retracing venues for walking.

The growth of heterogeneous networks and increased architectural complexity of new cell-site architectures are driving operators, NEMs, and contractors to find simpler, faster, and cost-effective deployment and optimization methods. A key market demand is for an RF drive/walk test tool that operates in real-time and is simple to use, accessible remotely, and scalable with the network.

The Rubix real-time post processing tool meets the above challenges. It lets all parties involved in the deployment and optimization of cell sites, whether macro, small cell or DAS, analyze data in real-time and save time and money by minimizing multiple visits to sites and venues. Engineers can remotely review and analyze KPIs to identify network performance issues.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Event Benchmarking — Rubix and the TrueSite™ ultra-portable solution from VIAVI let technicians discretely gather RF data, even during a busy event; the Rubix smart processing engine delivers KPIs (throughput, dropped calls, and connection attempts) in an easy-to-access, live report that shows the user experience across multiple operators
  • Antenna Validation Report — Validating antenna deployment on a real-time basis is essential for keeping up with network growth and managing OpEx; the Rubix antenna validation report provides the end-user with the health of each antenna within a venue
  • VoLTE — VIAVI has partnered with operators to enhance our solution to deliver key VoLTE KPIs to quickly identify and troubleshoot any VoLTE network anomalies
  • eMBMS Conformance Testing — Rubix can quickly identify issues seen during a drive to validate how the broadcast channel is working compared to the unicast channel, with results identifying opportunities to optimize broadcast configurations

Use Case

Often, when teams walk test a venue, collected data may not represent what was expected and areas may be missed. It takes a significant amount of time to upload and process the data remotely after the fact; usually, teams have already left and may not have access to the venue. Utilizing Rubix, the project manager has a real-time view of the data to correct the walk test in a timely manner without revisits, minimizing project costs and downtime.

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