VIAVI Solutions enhances its SmartPocket V2 Family with Test Process Automation (TPA)

New TPA enabled SmartPocket V2 optical handhelds–Power Meters, Light Sources and Optical Test Kits

VIAVI announces the addition of Job Manager support with the Mobile Tech App for the SmartPocket V2 family, the new range of optical handheld fiber test tools.

Increased pressure to ensure fiber link activations are accurate the first time is driving the need for automated processes. Automation of these processes ensures correct installation procedures are followed and that essential information, like optical loss and installation power levels, are captured and linked to the work order, or job number, to guarantee quality installations and stop-early life failures which drive repeat truck rolls.

Job Manager and Mobile Tech App are part of the StrataSyncTM Test Process Automation Suite, a solution that enables you to deploy test plan procedures to technicians to simplify and automate your network tests. Test accurately in half the time to boost productivity.



  • Associate tests to specific work order or job number.
  • A sequence of individual test tasks grouped in a single job.
  • Create and push the job to instrument; pull test results back to the app.
  • No more missed or invalid test results; launch, test, and auto-upload of results. • Enriches test results with workflow audit details, geolocation data, and time stamps.

The SmartPocket V2 family is a range of optical handheld power meters (broadband for general applications and λ selective for PON/FTTH), light sources, and optical test kits for measuring optical power levels and insertion loss for both single-mode or multimode networks. Suitable for network build and maintenance tasks for Enterprise/LAN, Metro (LAN/WAN), Access, and FTTx (e.g. Home/Antenna) applications with standard and high-power level options for use in telecom, CATV, and military applications.

For more information visit the SmartPocket V2 family or Test Process Automation webpages, contact your local VIAVI representative or request a demo.