VIAVI Solutions introduces automation to identify and certify DWDM or Hybrid CWDM/DWDM networks

Unique DWDM OTDR tools for fast, automated identification and certification of DWDM fiber networks

July 21, 2020 — VIAVI releases Wavescan® and SFP Protect for its 4100 series DWDM OTDR. As DWDM technology continues to penetrate access networks technicians require solutions that automate port identification and link certification which reduces troubleshooting times while making equipment usage simpler and lowers the risk of mistakes or equipment damage. The C-Band tunable DWDM OTDR performance combined with Wavescan® and SFP Protect features plus the T-BERD/MTS-2000, -4000, -5800, CellAdvisor 5G or OneAdvisor 800 platforms suite of capabilities ensure that DWDM deployment, activation, and maintenance tasks happen right - the first time.


  • Wavescan automatically identifies channel(s) of a MUX/DEMUX port and completes OTDR certification of the link.
    • Scan and identify DWDM port in under 10 seconds and eliminate guesswork
    • Ideal where port labeling is wrong, missing, or unreadable
  • SFP Protect ensures any Tx/Rx still connected at the far end are not damaged by live testing
    • Avoid time and cost to replace accidentally damaged SFP/SPF+
  • Enable test from Head-End, central office, C-RAN hub, HFC Hub site
    • No need to send a second tech into the field
  • Minimize link turn-up time and repair delays
    • Avoid installing the wrong SFP/SPF+ or programming SFP/SPF+ incorrectly

DWDM technology has been well adopted in long-haul transmissions for decades. With the growing need for bandwidth driven by data-hungry applications and business services DWDM technology has now found its way into access networks; CATV operators migrating to and deploying Remote-PHY, DWDM enabled business services and Wireless operators moving to DWDM for CRAN front hauls or as part of 5G deployment preparation. All require a simple way to validate routes to connect new customers and to troubleshoot faulty links in a timely manner without disrupting existing services.

For more information about Wavescan watch the video or  visit our website or contact your local Viavi representative