1G DSP with TDR

Versatile Field Test Combination for HFC Plant Maintenance/Service Technicians

The 1G DSP with TDR conveniently combines CATV, DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem, and cable TDR testing in one rugged, hand-held instrument.

For smaller cable systems and contractors, a tech may be responsible for maintaining and servicing the entire cable plant.  For this work a versatile meter with practical test capabilities for most contingencies is needed.  DOCSIS 3.1 test capability (also DOCSIS 3.0) is needed, as well as a full complement of physical and service layer tests. 

Maintenance techs often run into a variety of issues that may require “shooting” the cable with a TDR. A high quality, accurate, precise TDR can now be included with the tech’s work horse meter. When a TDR test is needed, the tech can switch to an alternate test mode on the meter instead of going back to the truck (or office) to get an application specific instrument (TDR).  This saves time in the workflow and saves money.

With a TDR, techs can identify and locate:

  • Impairments in coaxial cable, such as poor splices, water intrusion, pinched coax, poor quality cables
  • Impedance mismatches due to network component issues or damage
  • Determine how much cable is left on a reel
  • Qualify new plant hardline extensions and drop cable replacements to “prove” new cable is good


  • Provides cable installers and field technicians a full complement of RF measurement functions
  • Powerful troubleshooting tools to improve overall system health
  • When TDR test is needed, tech simply switches to an alternate test mode on meter
  • No need to return to truck (or office) to get a TDR

Key Features:

  • Color touch screen reduces installer entry errors and improves decision making
  • A high quality, accurate, precise TDR included in 1G DSP
  • Multiple tests in a single autotest app provide a convenient way to standardize tech processes and procedures

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