7310 Lector and Scriptor Family (Discontinued)

The VIAVI 7310 Lector software is a well-established and economic test solution for service centres and repair shops testing returned mobile phones with all of the VIAVI terminal testers

7310 Lector and Scriptor Family
This product has been discontinued.

This product has been discontinued


  • Supports Terminal Testers: 7100, 4400, 3100, 2201, 2305
  • Supported technologies:
    • LTE
    • CDMA2000, EV-DO, AMPS
    • TD-SCDMA
    • TETRA
    • Bluetooth, WiFi (Wireless LAN)
  • Easy to use software for different user groups
    • 7311 Lector Basic -> Operator level
    • 7312 Lector Enhanced -> Operator level
    • 7315 Scriptor -> Administrator level
  • Free version available to run the tests: 7311 Lector Basic

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