Inverse Multiplexing Multilink License (J6825A) (Discontinued)

The VIAVI Inverse Multiplexing Multilink License (J6825A) provides a single use license to activate software allowing IMA analysis on link groups of 2 to 8 links using the VIAVI Eight-port E1/T1 LIM (J6824A).

This license enables software for "Inverse Multiplexing for ATM" (IMA) on the Network Analyzer - Wireline Protocol Test (J6840) J6824A Eight-port E1/T1 LIM. 

With the Inverse Multiplexing Multilink License (J6825A), the VIAVI J6824A Eight-port E1/T1 LIM is the first to offer multiport IMA analysis on a hot-swappable interface.  This enables network operators to purchase one Network Analyzer for use in troubleshooting any LAN and WAN interface, from T1 up to Gigabit Ethernet.  Aggregated IMA traffic is analyzed in the same way as other ATM LIMs, with cell mode and frame mode (AAL-2/AAL-5 reassembly) available plus other ATM analysis features, such as policing, etc.

Key Features:

  • Analysis on both directions of two to eight link IMA groups.
  • Same ATM analysis available on aggregated IMA group as with other ATM LIMs, including real-time AAL-2/AAL-5 reassembly on 4096 virtual channels, multi-VC policing, real-time statistics, full rate capture, etc.
  • Options for 8-pin modular (RJ45/48C) and Bantam 100/120 Ohm (balanced) connectors for E1/T1 and 75 Ohm BNC (unbalanced) connectors for E1 IMA circuits.
  • Eight-port Monitor Tap accessories (J6826A and J6827A) available for passive in-line monitoring of IMA (see Related Products and Services below).

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