Protocol Analysis Probe - DNA (J6801B) (Discontinued)

A portable data acquisition and analysis system used for remote and distributed troubleshooting. You can control a DNA locally or remotely from a separate PC. The DNA includes acquisition hardware and accommodates line interface modules (LIMs).

The Protocol Analysis Probe - DNA (J6801B) achieves its small form factor by excluding an integrated PC. You can control a DNA locally or remotely from a separate PC. One or more DNAs can be added to create multi-port systems. Like the DNA MX and DNA PRO, the DNA includes an acquisition system and accommodates line interface modules. Under this configuration, the J6840A Network Analyzer runs on a PC and connects to a DNA to acquire data from the network under test.


  • Built-in power supply with AC or DC options
  • Rack-mountable
  • Includes the J6840A Network Analyzer Software CD with a single-user license

Control: TCP/IP over 10/100Base-TX via RJ-45 Control & Sync In connector from:

  • Control & Sync Out connector of a DNA PRO, DNA MX or another DNA
  • A standard PC/laptop directly connected via Ethernet, or indirectly connected via a LAN or an Internet

Time Synchronization:

  • Control & Sync: From an upstream a DNA PRO, DNA MX or DNA via the Control & Sync Interface. Up to 10 daisy-chained, time synchronization DNAs can be connected to a DNA PRO or DNA MX.
  • GPS: via 10 MHz (75 Ohm), 1 pps (75 Ohm) & RS-232C from external GPS receiver
  • From external NTP server

Run-Time Store to Media up to 400 Mbps

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