SVA – Vector Signal Analyzer (Discontinued)



  • Wide band cover:
    • SVA-6 - 250 kHz to 6 GHz
    • SVA-13 - 250 kHz to 13 GHz
  • Input level range to +30 dBm
  • Maximum instantaneous bandwidth: 90 MHz
  • Digitizer ADC resolution: 13 bits
  • Digital downconverter with sample rates up to 250 MS/s
  • Displayed Average Noise Level: typ. -148 dBm/Hz
  • Spurious free dynamic range: 70 dB
  • Intermodulation free dynamic range: 75 dB
  • Up to 512 MByte sample memory
  • Generic modulation analysis and spectrum analysis as standard
  • Measurement suite options for wireless communications test (inc. LTE and 802.11ac)
  • Half-rack width, 4U high with 8.5 inch touch-screen user-interface
  • Synchronization and interaction with SGD signal generator and other S-Series modules
  • “Aerolock” interlocking mechanism for multiple instrument applications
  • LAN and GPIB remote control
  • Low cost of ownership through modular design

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