TPA Voice QoE Option (J6900A-003) (Discontinued)

The J6900A-003 VoIP QoE option performs objective VoIP MOS and various RTP/RTCP QoS measures, such as packet loss, jitter and delay, etc.

Today’s market has seen the VoIP service prosper and relatively robust solutions are prevalent. However, with the advent of IPTV services on wide-bandwidth network, real-time applications such as VoIP can be severely affected if there is not guaranteed bandwidth for the service. The J6900A-003 VoIP QoE option of the Triple Play Analyzer allows you to look into specific parameters that affect voice quality, giving you an objective MOS (Mean Opinion Score) with various RTP/RTCP QoS parameters, such as packet loss, jitter and delay, etc.

Key Features

  • Auto-detection and analysis of VoIP streams
  • Non-intrusive voice quality analysis using predictive MOS technology for passive voice clarity MOS scoring
  • Records and/or listens to live voice traffic to find non-IP based impairments
  • Precise measurements of IP network performance and RTP/RTCP statistics such as jitter, loss and delay for VoIP services


  • ITU G.107 “E Model” R-Factor scores
  • RTP RFC 3357 loss pattern sample metrics
  • RFC4445 MDI:DF and MDI:LR
  • VoIP analysis on VLAN, MPLS, PPPoE, IPv6, GTP and GRE tunneling

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