5G Solutions

Network Test, Automation and Optimization

End-to-end solutions to test, optimize and automate wireless networks. All with one partner, VIAVI.

Validate performance, security and interoperability at each stage in intelligent, intuitive and automated ways.

As wireless networks are opening-up and migrating to the Cloud, complexity also increases. This requires a higher level of certainty that high performance and interoperability are guaranteed. A Cloud-native and holistic approach to the network, with coverage from lab to field to assurance is the key to dependable and fail-safe 5G.

VIAVI open and cloud hardware together with sophisticated software and user-friendly analytic tools provide the means to deliver faultless results across all three stages of implementation. As the workforce adapts, broadening its 'IT' skills to handle the advanced software, data intelligence, data science or machine learning, the knowledge that a network has been thoroughly tested and optimized proves an investment that pays off handsomely.

Turn your 5G network from good to great by:

  • Validating components and design in the lab
  • Verifying that live results meet field requirements
  • Optimizing Quality of Service through expansion of network intelligence solutions
  • Evolving legacy NOC to Dark NOC
  • Getting end-to-end network visibility across Cloud, Mobility, IT/MEC and IoT platforms

The Customer Experience

Whether you are communication service provider (CSP), network equipment manufacturer (NEM), a cloud operator, or a contractor, with superior validation, verification & visibility solutions you can embed top quality in every part of the network. The financial upside of properly administered testing at points of "least cost impact" is obvious. Emergency intervention, once a network is theoretically up and running, racks up expense in unplanned time, energy and the resource demanded.

The end-to-end quality journey begins in the Lab, where each new RAN, Core, and Fiber element of the 5G network is developed.

  • With knowledge across multi-vendor, cloud-native and open networks, we ensure that performance and feasibility testing are executed rigorously, to anticipate implementation challenges in the real world. 

VIAVI field verification solutions help to avoid shortfalls and boost network capabilities during the installation, commissioning, and acceptance phase. Fiber underpins 5G networks all the way to the base station. Ensuring that it works smoothly is crucial to the entire 5G customer experience, including Timing and Synchronization testing.

Once up and running, the network can be further optimized using intelligence, assurance, and automation solutions from the VIAVI portfolio.

  • Visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs), constant monitoring, and optimizing the mean time to repair (MTTR) result in any given challenge to be factored into more efficient overall management.
  • Cloud Native Inventory, Service Assurance, AI and ML driven Assurance, Customer and Service Analytics and Network Automation

VIAVI products deliver on the key performance criteria we need... Our in-depth collaboration will provide the market with high-quality and stable small cell networks, and help usher in 5G industry applications.

Wu Jianwei
Founding team member and director of system testing, Picocom

After working with lab test vendors in earlier stages of our technology development, we turned to VIAVI because of their expertise across lab validation, field deployment and service assurance of mobile networks.

Srinivas Gudladana, Head of RAN Engineering
Rakuten Symphony

We have been able to use the sophisticated and accurate analytics to identify problems underlying subscriber complaints and resolve them more quickly. VIAVI has been a strong partner throughout the process, including providing ongoing support to ensure we maximize the value of the platform.

Pedro Santos, Head of Network Development
Vodafone Portugal

We are VIAVI

Awards & Recognition

Lightwave Innovation Reviews Awards
Inc. Magazine Names VIAVI Solutions Among the 100 Best-Led Companies
Singapore Business Review Technology Award 2022
Leading Lights Award Winner 2020

Industry Engagement

O-RAN Alliance
Telecom Infra Project
ETSI Member
NEXT G Alliance

Additional Collaborations

  • Capgemini - We deliver together an industry-leading 5G and O-RAN lab test capability, powered by VIAVI O-RAN Lab as a Service (LaaS).
  • Ericsson -  VIAVI brings its Geolocation Capabilities to the Ericsson Intelligent Automation Platform
  • Rohde & Schwarz - Joint offering of O-RAN Radio Unit Conformance Test Solution. O-RU Test Manager Delivers Unified User Experience, combining both companies' Test Solutions
  • ServiceNow - VIAVI Integrates Automated End User Experience Scoring and Problem Domain Isolation with ServiceNow

6G Research

Like in 5G, the importance of industry collaboration in accelerating R&D/testing approaches/deployment of 6G remain strong. We were the first to invest in 4G, and quickly developed our product lines to support in the testing and validating of 5G networks and features. Testing the interactions between 4G and 5G, and comprehensive testing of mobility scenario support over NSA and SA, for instance, are crucial for the successful roll-out of new services. Working with other leaders in the field, we're helping to develop a solid business case for 6G.

Discover our 6G Forward Program

Digital Twin Solutions

The Challenge Facing Operators

New architectures, growing network complexity, frequent software updates and managing cybersecurity are just some of the challenges that operators need to manage. Not to mention how best to utilize AI/ML and maximize the returns from open and virtualized architectures, edge computing and cloud offload. 

With so many variables, testing this effectively and making sense of the large amounts of performance data that the network generates is a major headache. 

The VIAVI Solution

VIAVI TM500 and TeraVM solutions emulate base stations, core networks and real-world traffic. These can be used to simulate, predict and forecast the behavior of its real-world counterpart. The VIAVI Digital Twins combine tools such as RAN and Core emulators, assurance solutions, realistic traffic scenarios, and cyber threats to mirror an operator's network in the lab, allowing network changes and challenges to be planned and implemented and results analyzed before action is taken on the live network.

Business Impact

Using Digital Twins can reduce business risk in multiple ways:

  • Test software updates and new services in a safe environment to prevent failures when deployed in the live network
  • Run 'what if' analysis without the risks of experimenting using real subscribers.
  • Prevent cyber-attacks and leverage mitigation strategies to understand the exact consequences on the network and subscribers. 
  • Automate testing of network operations, while driving intelligent and business-based decision-making to maximize ROI. 

Sample Use Cases

SW patch roll out. Prior to rolling out a SW patch in a network, run automated scenarios over a weekend on a digital twin of the network. Run realistic traffic volumes, RAN scenarios reflective of the live network and ensure no issues arise.

Cyberthreat detection. New cyberthreats are uncovered daily with many directly related to SW running in a telco network. Use the Digital Twin to add cyber malware and threats in with real traffic to ensure the firewalls continue to protect.

VIAVI Benefits

Be Confident that the Digital Twin is Realistic

  • TM500 is the de facto Base Station test tool that has been proven against almost all manufacturers.

Prove AI/ML Algorithms and Network Performance Applications

  • VIAVI RAN Scenario Generator allows creation of large amounts of real-world traffic models to train and validate app vendors, operators and labs.

Comprehensive Emulation of All Network Elements 

  • VIAVI emulates UE, BTS, RAN, Core, Core Elements, O-DU, O-CU, O-RU and RIC.

Real Traffic Generation and Cyberthreats 

  • Scale to millions of users with tailored traffic mix and add cyber threats from up-to-date database.

Three Steps to Full 5G

Lab Validation

Lab Validation

Our portfolio of 5G solutions addresses the entire network lifecycle, from pre-deployment testing in the lab, through implementation of 'turnup', to assurance and optimization.

Lab Validation includes RAN to Core functional, performance, and conformance testing solutions for interoperable 4G, 5G, and O-RAN wireless communication network elements. You can emulate thousands of users and different services to exercise and validate the RAN and Core.

Discover our Lab portfolio

Field Verification

Field Verification

Field Verification solutions include antenna alignment, fiber and coax verification, real-time spectrum and interference analysis, X-haul validation, and PIM detection.

For those planning cell sites with granular geolocation and looking to integrate verified xhaul, transport, fiber and RF in an automated test process, VIAVI tools can be deployed securing full operation form the 'get-go'.

Discover our 5G Test & Verification solutions.

Network Visibility

Network Visibility

Network Visibility incorporates monitoring, maintenance, and optimization solutions to deliver real-time intelligence across Fiber, Transport or RAN-2-Core Network.

As operators are looking to deploy a virtualized cloud-native 5G Core to support more verticals, VIAVI continues to evolve core assurance for this domain. We also deliver Customer Experience assurance and optimization, along with data science analytics for all technologies including 5G. A particular highlight is our patented 5G, three-dimensional GEO location capability that we can couple with our antenna alignment tool.

Discover our 5G Assurance tools.

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