MTS/TBERD IPTV test result interval for update

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What is the test interval over which the different results are measured and updated during an MTS/TBERD IPTV test?
On the MTS/TBERD IPTV applications there are both static and dynamic results. Static results are determined when the streams are first discovered and are not updated unless you discover streams again. Static results include: IPv4 Source Address, IPv4 Destination Address, UDP Dest Port, UDP Source Port, RTP Present, VLAN ID, VLAN Priority, SVLAN ID, SVLAN Priority, VC Label (VPLS), Tunnel Label (VPLS), Number of Programs, Transport Stream ID, PMT PID, Program Number, # of PIDs, PID ID and PID Types. All other results are dynamic and are updated on a test interval time. The default test interval time is 5 seconds for most results. Packet Jitter, MDI Delay Factor and MDI Media Loss Rate have a 1 second test interval time. Loss distance and loss period error have a 5 minutes test interval.