ONX CATV - Test Point Compensation

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How do I add a test point compensation in my ONX-620/630?
Go to Forward Sweep, reverse sweep, sweepless sweep, channel expert, or other expert mode -> stop the test -> select "Configure" -> select  "Configure/Select Test Point [Template]" -> select a locked template -> then select "copy" -> in the "New Custom Template" window, enter a name -> save -> enter your desired values -> press return key or select the return arrow once you are done -> select "done" -> test should start automatically, if it does not select, please select "start." Please note: you need to have either an ONX-630 or an ONX-620 with the NTX software package (CATV Network menu) in order to be able to use test point compensation templates. Test point compensation templates only work for the CATV Network expert modes; they do not carry over to the regular test modes under CATV.