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How to Access Pathtrak 4.5 From Mobile Browser (Pathtrak Fieldview Mobile)

Sunday, December 29, 2019
Submitted by ryan.grace on February 1, 2023 - 10:41pm
-Pathtrak 4.5 is designed to work with HTML5 and that allows browsers that are not requiring Flash or Java script to work with some of the pathtrak features. (Pathtrak Fieldview Mobile)  
Solution Steps: 
Create user accounts for all the techs     Step by Step Usage Procedure https://insertHostnameHere/pathtrak/techui/app/views.html The user will need to loginpt1When logged you will see this node/port search pagept2Start Typing a port or node name in the text box.   The system will dynamically find port or node that matches what has been typed.   See Image below. pt3When the port you want to view is visible, select it from the drop list.  The app will display a list of applications that can be launched to analyze the selected port.pt4After selecting, a port, the system will show the user a list of tools.After selecting, a port, the system will show the user a list of tools.  Click on RPM Spectrum Analyzer to launch the Spectrum Analyzer. (Use this for FieldView)pic5The Spectrum Analyzerpic6Click on the  threebarsin the upper left title bar to slide in or out the list of tools or to jump back to the port searchPic7Click on the trespuntos on the upper right title bar to slide in or out the Spectrum Analyzer configuration controls.pic8 Note you may have to scroll up or down to see all the spectrum analyzer controls 

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