How to test a PTP network without a proper GNSS feed using a Qg2.

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If you are using the Qulsar Qg2 in GM mode and want to test the PTP network with your slave and you don't have a proper GNSS feed.
1. If a new unit was received from Qulsar under the Viavi acquisition phase, it is likely running software version 12.1.27R1. It is a slightly older version of software and has our initial implementation of the “date” command. Since then, an enhanced “date” command was developed to optionally take additional parameters – clock class, accuracy and variance which is available in the later release. The latest Qg2 software is 12.2.3 ( There is a sequence to upgrade to this latest image and someone from Qg2 support team will let you know the steps on how to do that (contact for support). 2. Once upgraded to 12.2.3, open the Qg2 CLI and use the “date” command to set the ToD, clock class, accuracy (skip the variance part). The operating mode of Qg2 must be in GNSS-only on the Home page. The benefit of this is when a proper GNSS feed and gets detected, Qg2 will automatically switch to that time reference (the truth) as the source.