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Not possible to install XPERTrak due to the "mySQL is still in use" error

Sunday, December 29, 2019
Submitted by ryan.grace on November 13, 2022 - 12:36am
Not possible to install XPERTrak due to the "mySQL is still in use" errorUser-added image
Solution Steps: 
SOMETHING (user, service, background process, etc.) has a lock on one of the MySQL executables.Hopefully one of the following tools may help to identify the culprit: for something using one of these files: mysqld.exe, mysql.exe, mysqladmin.exe, mysqldump.exeIf you still can’t find the culprit, then try this drastic step:
  1. Run the installer, wait for it to create the backup and display the “MySQL is still in use” error message, then quit the installer.
  2. Stop the XPERTrak services (xpt-tomcat, xpt-mysql).
  3. Navigate to the folder: C:\Program Files\VIAVI Solutions\XPERTrak 2.1\mysql
  4. Delete the sub-folder: bin
  5. Re-boot the server
  6. Run the installer
    1. Ignore the warning that it could not create a backup (we have already created the backup in step 1 above)
    2. Ignore the warning that it completed the backup but some errors occurred
  7. Start the XPERTrak services (xpt-mysql, xpt-tomcat)
Background:XPERTrak installer (which uses InstallAnywhere) will display the “MySQL is still in use” message only if ALL of the following conditions are met for ANY of these files.Files:  mysqld.exe, mysql.exe, mysqladmin.exe, mysqldump.exeConditions:
  1. File/folder already exists
  2. File/folder is a file
  3. File/folder is in-use
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