40G Certifier Direct Attach

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What is the Direct Attach option under the Viavi Certifier 40G Test Options?
The Direct Attach test option was added in software release 6.4 and allows for copper testing of "direct attach permanent links". This feature allows testing with a permanent link adapter at one end and a channel adapter or patch cord adapter at the remote end. This type of circuit can be used in security applications such as IP cameras. The proper rated patch cord adapter is the preferred adapter as the test results include the cable connector. A channel adapter can be used but the patch cord connector would not be included in the test results when plugged directly into the channel adapter (channel adapter testing begins with the cable immediately after the connector). A small male to female RJ adapter cable could be used to interface the cable under test to the channel adapter so that the cable connector would be included in the results.  For this type of testing the limit used would be the permanent link unit for the rating of the cable under test.