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ONX-580 Usage of remote ids

Monday, July 17, 2023
Submitted by ryan.grace on April 4, 2024 - 5:34pm
When do you use an RFID verus a SmartID or a SmartID+ with Viavi ONX-580 One Expert?
A SmartID or SMARTID+ is always connected to the ONX as the master unit for all of the COAX map tests. A SMARTID attaches to the ONX via USB. A SMARTID+ can attach to the ONX via USB or Bluetooth. What is required at the other end of the COAX depends on the test that is selected. RFIDs are used only during the Single Ended Coax test to ID the various COAX terminations. RFIDs will only work with a SMARTID+ connected at the ONX. A regular SMARTID cannot id the RFIDs. SMARTIDs are use for the Dual Ended Coax Map, the VDSL Home Run and the Whole Home tests. Dual Ended Coax and VDSL Home Run are used on a single COAX run so only one SMARTID is required at the end of the coax. The Whole Home test can test multiple terminations so it requires a SmartIDs at each coax termination point in order to simultaneously test all legs.

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