Retrieving MTS\TB-8000\8000E serial numbers

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How do I get the serial numbers of the mainframe and modules on a MTS\TB-8000\8000E?
The easiest way to get serial number is to go to the help page by selecting SYSTEM/HOME and selecting HELP PAGE/ABOUT for a V1 8000. For a V2 8000 HOME>SETTINGS>ABOUT navigates to the ABOUT page. Serial numbers for the mainframe and all installed modules are displayed on the ABOUT screen. If the unit cannot boot up to display the help page, there is a physical sticker for the 8000 V1 mainframe inside the CDROM door on the right side of the unit. For the V2 80000E the physical sticker is underneath the far left sliding door on the top of the unit (power meter/VFL compartment).