Successfully roll-out DOCSIS 3.1 with Advanced Network Testing and Extended Sweep Range

Quickly turn-up, align, and troubleshoot new and existing plants with powerful analysis from the OneExpert CATV ONX-630, compatible with existing (DSAM/SDA) sweep gear.

September 26, 2016 — VIAVI Solutions’ OneExpert CATV, the first field meter with DOCSIS 3.1® service test capability, now offers sweep analysis for extended frequency ranges. The powerful ONX-630 is used to turn-up and maintain HFC networks, including DOCSIS 3.1 performance analysis, spectrum analysis, and forward and reverse sweep measurements. While the ONX-630 is compatible with existing SDA 55xx series headend sweep equipment, a new headend/hub rack-mounted SCU-1800 Sweep Control Unit provides downstream sweep to 1.2 GHz and upstream sweep to 204 MHz on up to 16 ports.

With a multi-touch, user-friendly interface OneCheck™ automated testing eases complex tasks. A simple dashboard gives clear pass/fail results. The ONX-630 extends the powerful, versatile OneExpert platform — fast, powerful, and flexible.

  • Fast — Sweep, align, and troubleshoot faster than ever. Stealth™ sweep with integrated tilt/align quickly validates amps and HFC networks faster than any other test. Complete a downstream scan including MER/BER in about 60 seconds.
  • Powerful — The ONX-630 is designed to find difficult problems. Combined DOCSIS 3.1 and sweep testing validates the complete HFC network. Ingress Expert with Hyper Spectrum™ catches difficult return noise problems.
  • Flexible — Ready for your changing network needs. The ONX-630’s dual diplexer 42/85 or 65/204 with 1.2GHz supports next generation networks. A fiber scope and power meter support FTTx and fiber deep networks. Test gigabit service over DOCSIS, Ethernet, and WiFi.

Applications: Enables quick, efficient turn-up and alignment of amplifiers and nodes. Techs can test forward and reverse plant through extended DOCSIS 3.1 frequency ranges to validate HFC performance and quickly uncover plant faults caused by damaged cable or faulty components without interfering with services to customers. Enables quick amplifier turn-up and alignment prior to deploying services. Empower your techs to perform a complete performance analysis at any point in the HFC network. Results are easily documented with StrataSync™.