Seeker Lite² (Discontinued)

Installation Leakage Detector

Frequency agile leakage detector (120 - 147.25 MHz) with ten user selectable presets features Searcher Plus GT technology that is compatible with CT-2 or CT-3 channel tagging techniques, a measurement range from 10 - 2000 uV/m, as well as numeric readout, and tone proportional to signal strength.

Seeker Lite²
This product has been discontinued.

This product has been discontinued

Please consider this product instead:

The Seeker Lite² is a Cable TV (CATV) leakage detector for cable installations in the field.

  • Numerical Measurement Display
  • Sensitive, Stable Measurements
  • Directional for Leak Location
  • Stable, repeatable readings and built in directional antenna simplify leak location.
  • "Cruise Mode" offers continuous surveillance for long periods at reduced battery current.
  • Tough, simple to use and very cost-effective, the Seeker Lite² is the ideal leakage measurement instrument for insuring leakage -and ingress- free installations, every time.

Seeker Lite² - Installation Leakage Detector
The Seeker Lite² Leakage Detector is specifically designed for efficient subscriber installations, displaying numerical measurements of leaks on up to ten user selectable presets and emitting a tone proportional to leak strength.


Learn more about Signal Leakage.

Seeker Lite² Vehicle Power Adapter (CL-8)

Vehicle power adapter for the Seeker Lite².

Seeker Lite² Data Cable (I/O-17)

RS-232 serial data cable for the Seeker Lite² with Type-A USB plug to custom connector.

Battery: Seeker / DSP

Li-ION battery for the Seeker Lite, Seeker Lite², Seeker, Seeker SE, Seeker D, Seeker D Lite Leakage Detectors, and 120 DSP.

Seeker Lite² AC to DC Power Adapter & Battery Charger with Power Cable

AC to DC power adapter & battery charger for the Seeker Lite². Charger provides a Type-A USB Socket for use with TYPE-A USB power cables. Includes a Serial to Type-A USB Power Cable (P/N 2071585002) for use with the Seeker Lite².

Seeker Lite & Seeker Lite² Carrying Case with Holster (CC-22)

Carrying case with holster for the Seeker Lite & Seeker Lite².

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