Developing specification-compliant code from the start is the goal of this additional element of SCA Architect.  Rather than having you wait at deployment time to identify any source code non-compliant points related to the specification, R-Check SCA Adapter, a plug-in to SCA Architect, will use R-Check SCA, developed by Reservoir Labs for the US Department of Defense Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) Test & Evaluation Laboratory (JTEL), to scan the developer’s code and identify any discrepancies with the specification.  Significant savings in development time can be achieved.

Expanded R-Check SCA Workflow

Expanded R-Check SCA Workflow

R-Check SCA Features At A Glance:

  • Built in SCA2.2 and SCA 2.2.2 support
  • Static Analysis, test all code at once, including across several file types
  • Finds violations before system integration
  • Direct linking from violations to SCA source reference material.

Compliance Success Stories:

  • The SCARI Core Framework has been created by the same team that created and certified the SCA Reference Implementation Core Framework [1], [2].
  • Over the years, several users SCARI Software Suite have been through certification testing. One of the first SCARI project to go through certification was the CalIt2 [1]. One of the more recent projects was from GateHouse / Inmarsat BGAN [2].

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Accelerated SCA Development

A partnership between Reservoir Labs and VIAVI has led to the creation of a plugin for VIAVI’s SCA Architect. The integration brings the development experience to new levels as VIAVI is constantly looking for ways to accelerate development and shorten times to market. The R-Check SCA plugin for SCA Architect is a step in such direction. With the new plugin, SCA developers can start testing for SCA compliance as soon as source code is generated by SCA Architect.

Tool Integration

VIAVI and Reservoir Labs have worked closely together to bring to market a solution with an unprecedented level of integration between modeling and validation tools. Using SCA Architect, every time new code is generated, R-Check SCA automatically starts performing validation. When source code is edited, R-Check SCA is invoked automatically. This incremental approach is unobtrusive and very efficient. Also, any issues detected by R-Check SCA are automatically displayed in the Eclipse’s standard problem view. In this way, the project browser gets updated and identifies the component with compliance issues. To ensure high level of integration, the plugin was tested with hundreds of source files generated by SCA Architect, using VIAVI’s large list of test models. The result is a seamless integration between the tools.

Eclipse Plugin

R-Check SCA Adapter for SCA Architect is an Eclipse-based tool used to validate source code of SCA components against the requirements of the SCA specification. Using the plugin, R-Check SCA validation can be invoked automatically when the source code of an SCA Architectgenerated component is modified by developers, while business logic and data processing code is being added. By discovering problems early in the development process, developers can fix issues before they become expensive to address.

SCA Compliance Testing

R-Check SCA simplifies SCA compliance testing.  The SCA specification includes requirements specifically targeted to source code, CORBA middleware IDLs, and XML descriptor files.  Test coverage includes core POSIX and Minimum CORBA tests with expanded test coverage being added continuously. SCA specific testing and validation tools benefits the SCA community developing and deploying SCA based Software Defined Radios (SDRs).

Certifying Agency Results

By Incorporating R-Check SCA into daily development cycles, SCA developers will see equivalent testing results to those produced at the certifying agency and can address non-compliance prior to submission for certification. Pre-testing within the same framework as the certifying agency accelerates time to deployment  (and reduces development cost), by reducing the need for expensive dry-runs and iterative submissions for certification.

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