Small Cell Assurance Solution

VIAVI small cell solution with Fusion and JMEP (smart SFP)

The VIAVI Small Cell Assurance Solution addresses the lifecycle demands starting with small cell backhaul service activation, performance assurance, monitoring, and optimization. The solution automates the backhaul service activation test and overcomes the network visibility challenges at aggregation points in the network, all while minimizing test time, eliminating field dispatches, and obtaining key network performance indicators.

The solution eliminates the need for costly and impractical external instrumentation providing significant space and power savings, helping mobile operators accelerate rollout, improve time to revenue and service, while addressing the unique backhaul networking challenges introduced by small cells.


  • Cut mobile backhaul activation times by half with automated test and turn up, and realize up to 80% lower total network performance cost of ownership compared to today's approaches.
  • Obtain granular insight into network, service and content performance monitor backhaul network service level agreements in order to reduce backhaul network costs.
  • Optimize network performance and accelerate trouble-shooting effectiveness, using industry leading microprobe technologies and market leading software systems.
  • Improve effectiveness of current tools, software systems, technical resources, while utilizing existing operational methods and procedures.



  • Uniquely address complex small cell test, turn up, monitoring, and optimization needs, overcoming visibility blind spots created with new hub-and-spoke backhaul topologies.
  • PacketPortal JMEP and Intelligent Visibility (IV) SFProbes seamless deploy in existing network equipment such as NodeB/eNodeB and cell site routers to addresses the unique requirements for activating and monitoring small cell mobile backhaul.
  • NetComplete EtherASSURE service aware OSS and QT600 centralized test probe automate service activation and performance monitoring tests, working in conjunction with PacketPortal SFProbes deployed in the backhaul network.


Key Features

  • Rapidly segment the network demarcating the location of quality issues between mobile backhaul networks, monitor service and network performance, understand sources of performance issues.
  • Obtain insight into service performance within backhaul tunnels including MPLS, VPLS, and EPIPE using PacketPortal content inspection at hub cell site routers.
  • PacketPortal SFProbes meet or exceed industry standards, enabling plug-and-play operation, avoiding complex and time consuming software integration with 3rd party equipment. PacketPortal SFProbes are deployable in all types of network equipmeng including mobile base stations and cell site routers. PacketPortal
  • Support for industry standards benchmark test methodologies such as RFC2544, Y.1564, and Y.1731. Obtain granular performance measurements including 1WAY latency with nanosecond resolution, without impacting network performance.

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