DSAM Series (Non-XT) Software

Supported Instrument(s):

  • Non-XT DSAM Series

Release Date:

  • 2017

Current Version:

  • 3.8.5

Versions Description:

  • DSAM non-XT 3.8.5 Firmware Update

Download Instructions:

  • Click on English: dsamv3_8_5.zip
    • File Size: 18.3 Mb
  • Download the zip file to your PC.
  • Follow the TPP upgrade instructions listed under the supporting documentation. 

For user interface languages other than English, Spanish, French and German, after you update your firmware according to the process described above, you may choose to update your meter by repeating the process described above with the appropriate language file below:

For DSAM users wishing to use Euro PacketCable™ with the DSAM:

The DSAM is capable of operating on Euro PacketCable VoIP networks; however, the DSAM must be configured with the appropriate PacketCable build and may be configured via a TPP update. The update completes in around 5 to 6 minutes and does require the meter to be setup like a firmware upgrade with TPP and the meter must synchronize over Ethernet and remain plugged into the charger. Upgrade the DSAM to the v3_3_x_Euro files when the Euro PacketCable standard is required.
Again moving forward only the .zip file is required for the upgrade between PacketCable standards to complete correctly:

Note: For StrataSync upgrades you do not need to download this firmware, please see StrataSync upgrade instructions for XT DSAM Series under the Supporting Documentation section.  

Installation Instructions:

Use either TPP or StrataSync to update the meter. Please see supporting documentation for the TPP and StrataSync upgrade instructions.

Licensing Requirements:

  • None


  • See supporting documentation for TPP and StrataSync upgrade instructions.

Supporting Documentation: