SmartPocket V2 OLP-39 TruePON Testers

TruePON Testers for use in G-PON, XGS-PON and hybrid systems.

SmartPocket V2 TruePON Testers
TruePON Testers for use in G-PON, XGS-PON and hybrid systems.
SmartPocket V2 TruePON Testers

The new OLP-39 TruePON testers from VIAVI Solutions are the latest addition to the popular SmartPocket V2 family of pocket-sized test solutions. Designed for fiber technicians working in the Last-Mile of FTTH deployments, the new OLP-39 is the industry’s first wavelength selective Passive Optical Network (PON) power meter which has been enhanced with TruePON data analysis and enables simultaneous measurement of GPON and XGS-PON PON-ID.

TruePON allows the OLP-39 to read the OLT-ID carried within the downstream PON-ID data. This ensures that technicians have the right drop terminal and confirms that the drop fiber is connected back to the correct OLT port. TruePON information is also attached to stored measurement results to provide an audit trail / birth certificate which documents power level(s) and OLT connectivity at time of install.

Key Benefits

  • Supports co-existence of G & XGS-PON for migration to 10G services
  • TruePON analysis leverages PON-ID information to ensure more right first-time installations and to reduce fault finding times.
  • By ensuring correct OLT port connectivity, users will reduce fault escalations, troubleshooting expenses and avoid install abandonments due to borderline installs
  • Allows technicians to ensure whether the end-to-end optical loss of the PON is within specification before proceeding with an installation.
  • Confirms when optical loss is out of specification by providing the information to support troubleshooting or to justify a trouble/fault ticket escalation.
  • the patented ONT detection enables a 1:1 assignment of OLT port and ONT serial number

Key Features

  • OLP-39 provides the industry’s first wavelength-selective power meter with PON-ID capabilities in a compact form factor that can easily fit in a technician’s pocket.
  • TruePON Analysis and In-service Insertion Loss
  • Detects the OLT-ID for both G-PON and XGS-PON by reading the PON-ID data
  • Detects ODN class and enables in-service insertion loss measurement.
  • Extracts specific data carried in the G-PON & XGS-PON PON-ID standardized by ITU-T G.984.3 Amendment 3. and ITU-T G.987.3 Amendment 1
  • ONT Detection (patent pending)
  • Identifies the serial number of the ONT to be measured
  • Identifies the ONT type, ONT-ID and the ONT status
  • Single test port connection for dual wavelength measurement
  • Simultaneous power level measurements for both G/E-PON & XGS-PON/10G-EPON services
  • Storage for over 1000 test results, PC download capability and Bluetooth Low Energy to sync results via Mobile Tech App to StrataSync cloud


  • Measuring optical power levels for both G/E-PON and XGS-PON/10G-EPON services
  • Detecting information on OLT-ID
  • Detecting information on ONT serial number, ONT-ID, type and status
  • Multi-service PON deployment and installs
  • Network Build and Maintenance for FTTH


  • The OLP-39G has a single mounted SC adapter providing simultaneous selective power measurement and TruePON PON-ID data analysis of G-PON (1490 nm).
  • The OLP-39X has a single mounted SC adapter providing simultaneous selective power measurement and TruePON PON-ID data analysis of both G-PON (1490 nm) and XGS-PON (1577 nm) wavelengths.

Learn more about Fiber TestingPassive Optical Networks (PON), and XGS-PON.

Support migration to XGS-PON for high speed 10G service deployment

  • Test multiple services coexisting on the same PON
  • Support for both G and XGS-PON measurement
  • Add XGS-PON support when needed - field upgradeable

    Reduce fault escalations and troubleshooting expenses

    • Confirm customer connected to OLT port where service has been provisioned
    • Identify switched drop ports/cables caused by human error or poor/bad labelling
    • TruePON PON-ID data analysis for G and XGS-PON services

    Minimise activation delays and meet targets for installs per day

    • Fast confirmation of correct drop terminal/drop fiber connection
    • Prevent ‘blind’ fault finding with TruePON PON-ID data analysis
    • Avoid extra time/cost to reprovision service to alternate OLT port

    Avoid install abandonments and early life failures due to borderline installs for both G and XGS-PON services

    • Avoid errors due to ‘no test’ approach or use of basic broadband power meter tools
    • Selective PON power measurement and TruePON data analysis
    • Measure power levels with precision and in-service network Insertion Loss.

    Get the most from your investment with a tool designed for field work, high reliability, and ease of use

    • Long battery life and multiple powering options
    • IP44 rating, water and dirt protection, in a rugged pocket form factor
    • Clear display, simple user interface with softkeys


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