Take the lead in the 5G development and deployment race. Only VIAVI offers complete solutions for 5G validation, verification, and visibility.

If you’re looking to take the lead in the 5G development and deployment race, you need a partner with the right experience and expertise to help you move forward. VIAVI has been a driving force in 5G since 2013, partnering with the world’s top communication providers and other leading organizations to deliver the solutions needed to develop, test, enable, assure, and optimize autonomous networks with speed and success in both the lab and the field. Only VIAVI offers complete solutions for 5G validation, verification, and visibility.

5G Validation

5G Validation

Our lab-based network test solutions enable our customers to analyze, develop, and validate the performance and capability of a variety of network functions and devices. With the ability to test all key wireless, cellular, and IP technologies worldwide, our solutions ensure networks are robust enough to cope with the complexity and demands of devices and traffic at scale by validating the impact of real-life conditions across the entire network, testing subscriber QoE. See 5G Lab tools

5G Test & Verification

Our 5G test and verification solutions span across devices, radio, ad hoc network clusters, radio access networks, transport, core and services for verticals to deliver essential visibility for 5G end-to-end programmable and dynamic networks. Used together, our solutions enable the rapid isolation and resolution of issues. See 5G Field tools

5G Test & Verification

5G Visibility

5G Visibility

Our solutions enable new revenue streams while assuring and optimizing 5G services. Built on a unique approach to 5G assurance and location intelligence, NITRO Mobile delivers context-driven workflows and revenue-aware interactive dashboards. See 5G Assurance tools

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    Only VIAVI offers complete solutions for 5G validation, verification, and visibility

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