Optical Broadband Light Sources

Handheld unit or 8100 Series Module for OneAdvisor 800 Platform

Optical broadband light source for characterization and dispersion testing (PMD, CD, and AP) of high speed networks.

Optical Broadband Light Sources

The high performance optical broadband light sources form an integral part of the VIAVI fiber characterization and dispersion testing solutions. 

The single unit/module combines test sources for Chromatic Dispersion (CD), Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) and Attenuation Profile (AP) measurements allowing network operators, fiber installers and dark fiber providers to characterize any fiber system including technologies, such as CWDM/DWDM with ROADM and high speed networks from 10 Gig/10 Gbps to 400G/800G and beyond.


  • Cost effective, single source for CD, PMD, and AP testing
  • Reduced fiber handling, single port
  • No performance compromise: measurement over entire wavelength range with high dynamic range to face any test situations


  • Qualify xWDM high-speed networks for up to 400/800G transmission.
  • Characterize buried, aerial, submarine cables, amplified and non-amplified links, short to ultra-long haul.
  • Test amplified and non-amplified links 
  • Fiber characterization for Submarine Cable Networks

Key Features

  • Cover the entire wavelength range (1260 to 1640 nm)
  • High dynamic range for ultra-long haul PMD and CD testing 
  • Works in conjunction with the Optical Dispersion Measurement (ODM) Module for the OneAdvisor 800 Fiber

Learn about OTDR Testing and Fiber Testing.

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