Residential Services

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Residential Services
Last-mile technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace to keep up with the ever-increasing appetite for bandwidth-consuming services. Fiber to the home, ADSL2+/VDSL2, and advancing DOCSIS specifications present challenges for residential service installation and troubleshooting.

Bigger, Better, Faster, and More

According to recent studies, the number of global Wi-Fi households is quickly approaching the one billion mark. For these end users, the demand for multi-screen video, multi-play services, and high-speed internet continues to grow. While this is great news from a revenue standpoint, these trends create enormous challenges, not only for service providers, but also network equipment manufacturers, and service-providing companies that leverage networks worldwide.

There is an enormous need for a single solution that helps to manage the exponential traffic growth (despite limited increase to revenue), retain customers, and keep them happy. All while converging legacy networks with high-speed IP data networks, and boosting internal efficiency and productivity to decrease OPEX and shorten mean time-to-resolution. 

All Together Now

VIAVI solutions feature purpose-built instruments combined with innovative, systems-based solutions that assess service performance from the perspective of end-customer QoE. The solution provides meaningful and actionable troubleshooting guidance that can be used by any field technician or through customer self service--not just a Wi-Fi or networking expert.

The solutions are built using carefully chosen tools with fault location-resolution capabilities to minimize the number of engineering dispatch-to-find cases and reduce the average times for fault detection and resolution. Dispatch accurately. Reduce expense. But what about detecting problems before they start?

VIAVI solutions perform proactive service and network monitoring to help prioritize operations (by fixing the issues that are the most impactful for customers first) and to understand where the fault lies. This functionality enables consistent implementation of processes, more rapid upgrades to the latest technologies, and simplified learning curve for technicians.

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