Protect critical infrastructure from external threats and monitor pipelines for leaks with the most versatile acoustic sensing solution on the market

The Fiber Test Head for Distributed Acoustic Sensing (FTH-DAS) provides continuous monitoring for fiber-enabled assets. Utilizing fiber optic cables to provide continuous and dynamic real-time information of vibrational disturbances occurring in the environment around your assets, with immediate detection and localization.

DAS provides characterized and prioritized information about events to improve the efficiency and responsiveness of your operations. By identifying event characteristics DAS enables action to be taken before events materialize into a threat.

Giving you high confidence by ensuring optimal asset performance and protection from day 1, to reduce downtime and disruptions.


  • Protect critical infrastructure with real-time perimeter monitoring
  • Threat detection for
    • People and vehicles
    • Fence cutting and climbing
    • Tunnelling and excavation
  • Superior pipeline leak detection and third-party interference detection
  • Safeguard telecom and datacenter infrastructure from physical threats
  • Fast response with event detection and localization
  • Simultaneous monitoring across multiple assets, environments, and applications


  • Pipeline leak detection - Oil, Gas (LPG), Water, etc.
  • Third-party interference detection
  • Physical threat detection
  • Perimeter intrusion detection & monitoring

Key Features

  • Dual channel 100km Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS)
  • Compact 2U chassis with low power consumption
  • Simple GUI with customizable Alarm Management System (AMS)
  • Superior spatial resolution performance for pin-pointing events
  • Accurate event localization removing false alarms

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