JMEP is a powerful micro Ethernet probe for Ethernet and IP performance assurance.

JMEP is a micro Ethernet probe, part of the PacketPortal platform. PacketPortal SFProbes work in conjunction with centralized platform software to enable a highly scalable, cost effective approach to distributed instrument networks with advanced visibility, monitoring, and testability.

JMEP SFProbes address the unique requirements for activating and performance monitoring next generation Ethernet and IP services used for mobile backhaul, business services, and cloud networking. SFProbes are Gigabit Ethernet Small Form Factor (SFP) based solutions and seamlessly deploy in all types of network devices. JMEP SFProbes provide consistent Test and Performance Monitoring capabilities across vendors and architectures and operate in conjunction with centralized PacketPortal platform software which automates SFProbe discovery, management, and configuration, while feeding centralized test probes and software systems.

Together with NetComplete EtherASSURE service aware OSS and QT600 centralized test probe, JMEP helps network operators accelerate service rollout, rapidly segment networks to isolate the location and source of performance issues, and providing service demarcation. 


  • Deploy cost effective end to end performance monitoring strategies while enhancing all network devices with advanced demarcation capabilities, without increasing space and power requirements.
  • Seamless integration with Ethernet Assurance solutions including VIAVI Netcomplete EtherASSURE to improve Service Activation Times, Reduces MTTR, and service delivery costs.
  • Implement standard based performance testing methodologies and loopback in order to maximize effectiveness of existing test tools, probes, software systems and technical resources.
  • Improve service rollout times by over 50%, while improving assurance costs up to 80% compared to conventional solutions.


  • Turn up, test and troubleshoot, and monitor key network performance in mobile backhaul, business services, and cloud networking services.
  • Instrument network demarcation points using JMEP SFProbes, isolating network boundaries, without deploying additional network devices or consuming additional space and power.
  • Add consistent, end-to-end standard based test and monitoring to any network device, without taxing network performance.

Key Features

  • Supports key service activation capabilities including Layer 2/3 loopback, compatible with QT-600 and MTS-6000 RFC-2544 & Y.1564 test methodologies.
  • Delivers inline performance monitoring capabilities including Y.1731/TWAMP-Light (RFC 5357), Frame Loss, Frame Delay, and Frame Delay variation measurements
  • Supports Y1731 OAM Responder and Initiator capabilities and line rates.

How to Get Started

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