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LAW, coupled with Seeker GPS, provide a leakage management system that enables operators to find and fix leaks quickly.


Seeker GPS Leakage Management System and integrated LAW application provide a unique way to minimize maintenance costs and maximize efficiency.

LAW, coupled with Seeker GPS, provide a leakage management system that enables operators to find and fix leaks quickly, minimize tech time, quickly assess network leakage health and gauge the effectiveness of leakage maintenance efforts.

  • Automated data collection, leak mapping and work Order Management
  • Continuously updated database and map
  • Automated Leak Location and Amplitude notation

The LAW application enables operators to find and fix leaks quickly, minimize tech time, quickly assess network leakage health, and gauge the effectiveness of leakage maintenance efforts.

In coordination with the Seeker GPS Management System, the LAW application collects leakage location data, plots the data and marks the leakage source location as push pins on a map. Then the LAW automatically assigns and emails work repair orders to the responsible techs.

LAW supports up to 250 Seeker, Seeker MCA, or Seeker BB-2 Hardware Instances in basic configuration, expandable up to 1000 device instances.

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LAW Integrated Server for the Seeker GPS System

Integrated Server Package

The LAW Platform is a pre-configured server, integrating powerful software and hardware to provide a tailored, comprehensive network based solution for managing your deployment of Seeker, Seeker D Seeker MCA, Seeker MCA II, Seeker MCA III or Seeker BB-2 units. The LAW Platform is used for the storage and retrieval of leakage information collected by vehicle mounted Seeker GPS systems via via the Internet through an application running on the technician's PC or laptop or through a configured Wi-Fi , Cellular, or Ethernet connection. The leakage data is then processed by the LAW platform and is displayed on a maps and as text. The LAW platform also includes extensive, easily customizable reporting tools and features that are compatible with most WFM systems. The complete kit includes the LAW Server Software pre-configured on a Dell PowerEdge R520 2U rack-mount server offering an excellent balance of processing power, storage capacity and redundancy. Specifications: Widows Server 2012R2 Standard Edition, Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2012 (5 User Cals), 2 Intel Xeon E5-2420 1.90 GHz Processors with 15M cache, 32 GB RAM (1600 MHz), 4 x 1 TB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drives, 2 x 500 MB 7200 RPM Hard Drives, Dual Hot-Plug 750W Redundant Power Supply (1+1) and 2 x US AC Power Cables. THE LAW INTEGRATED SERVER SUPPORTS UP TO 250 DEVICES, EXPANDABLE TO 1000 DEVICES PER SERVER. EXPANSION LICENSES CAN BE PURCHASED IN BLOCKS OF 25 DEVICES. THE LAW YEARLY MAP SUBSCRIPTION IS REQUIRED WITH ALL NEW SALES OF THE LAW INTEGRATED SERVER PACKAGE AND MUST BE RENEWED YEARLY.

LAW SaaS Subscription (Yearly Fee)

Offered as an alternative to installing and maintaining expensive server equipment and relying on IT personnel focused on other tasks, Trilithic's Network Services group hosts all of the required hardware, software, security and support, allowing you to build and operate a high-quality broadband network at a lower total cost. QUANTITY DISCOUNTING AVAILABLE for monthly rates based on the number of Seekers in your system, see discount schedule below. For new purchases, you must include LAW Hosted Services Setup & LAW Map License.

LAW Application Programming Interface (API)

Further enhancing LAW’s work order management capability, Trilithic offers the LAW API option which integrates directly into your existing work order management system. This integration allows you to continue to use the familiar interface of your established system and to incorporate LAW’s benefits of streamlined prioritization of leaks, more efficient scheduling of repairs, and automatic or manual creation of work orders. Combining the leakage recording and mapping features of LAW with your existing work order management system will enhance your repair technicians’ productivity and improve the overall health of the cable plant while helping your system remain compliant with FCC leakage rules.

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