Deployment and Maintenance

Reduce Costs Through Greater Efficiency

Deployment and Maintenance
The level of efficiency and effectiveness of your technical support resources impacts network performance, customer satisfaction and the bottom line. Yet, technician turnover, wide gaps in field staff capabilities, and the cost of highly skilled technical talent, are common issues for wireline operators.

Smarter Systems

Wireline service providers incur intermittent issues on a regular basis. Not only is this unpredictability problematic, but resolution is complex. It's often difficult to determine what type of field staff skillset to deploy, or when. When technicians are sent to the subscriber site, operators aren't able to ensure that dispatches are effective, efficient, or even necessary.  You can improve resource efficiency and issue resolution times with a smarter system that enables both technicians and subscribers to do more on their own.  Such as equipping technicians with best practices and subscribers with the ability to accurately diagnose their service issues before they report them.

Start Off Right

Our solutions have been developed to empower technicians to be more effective every time. Your team is equipped with the industry’s leading test tools in order to correctly and efficiently install, certify, and maintain fiber networks. While at the same time, efficiently maintaining the industry’s best practices for standards-based network certification. With VIAVI solutions, any technician can perform as a highly-skilled technician.

VIAVI Deployment & Maintenance Solutions feature cloud-enabled instruments, virtualized software agents, and embedded probes that provide visibility to the end user’s QoE, This feeds Call Center portals to expedite the diagnosis and correction of customer issues. Standards-based tests provide insight into the root cause of trouble, unlike some basic and proprietary speed tests that aren't able to provide specific trouble-isolation information or guidance on the root cause.. VIAVI solutions also offer visibility into the last mile, including in-home WiFi to optimize setup and provide thorough customer communication to reduce complaints, fault calls, and general subscriber dissatisfaction.

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