Copper Certification

Enterprise Copper Cabling Test and Certification

Copper Certification
Correctly certify copper cable networks with industry standard copper test solutions and copper applications.

Get Your Copper Certification Job Done Right and On Time!

Copper cabling is dominant in the enterprise and connects the majority of devices to the network. Due to data consumption that continues to explode, it is now more important than ever for technicians to have the resources available to perform quick and accurate copper certification tests. VIAVI copper test solutions deliver fast workflows with full control at both local and remote ends, fast autotest times, and full integration with our CERTiFi Cloud Workflow Management solution.

Best Value for Your Investment in Copper Certification Tools

Top-notch copper certification solutions don’t need to break the bank. Pair the best prices in the market with our scalable range of copper test solutions and get the best value for your time and money. VIAVI copper certification solutions also come standard with a 24 hour customer online portal, and industry leading turnaround time, right out of the box.

Copper Certification Capabilities:

  • Complete test visibility at both local and remote ends for copper cable certification and troubleshooting
  • The industry’s fastest CAT6A solution can certify each copper cable within 9 seconds, saving users 30 minutes each time they test 150 CAT6A cables (compared to legacy cable testers with 22 second Cat6A Autotest time)
  • Permanent link and channel adapters for certifying to TIA category 5e/6/6A and ISO class D/E/EA/F/FA
  • Pre-configured with all leading cabling manufacturers’ specifications
  • Category 8 ready with a 2500MHz test engine

Properly test and certify your copper cable networks with these state-of-the-art copper certification products below.

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